Corporate Identity Manager

  Alberta’s corporate identity is a program that identifies the Government of Alberta’s facilities, programs and services. The program
  includes the Alberta signature and the emblems of Alberta, including the province’s coat of arms and the flag.

  Because we need to ensure the logos are used appropriately, they are only available for download to Communications staff on sites
  that are password protected.

  To get the files you need, your best course is to work with your Communications branch, who can ensure you get the files you need,
  along with some guidance on how to place them appropriately.

  Suppliers should work through their Government contact who can request logos on their behalf from Communications.

  Government of Alberta staff can download some of the files directly from the GoA staff only website. Be sure to use "goa/" before
  your username for access.

  Those with access can download the files that are available by logging in to download files.

  Should you have any questions you can e-mail

  The new Alberta signature

  In May 2012 the Government of Alberta logo was revised. The new Alberta signature, as shown in the header above, is now the official
  logo of the Government of Alberta.

  The Corporate Identity manual is constantly being updated and will be posted as changes are developed. If you have specific
  questions regarding any of the content in the Corporate Identity Manual you can send an e-mail to

  Corporate Identity Manual

  View the Visual Identity Manual pdf (Posted September 2018)
  Changes in Edition 22 include:
    • Updated look and design
    • Deletion of outdated background patterns and other products with updates to others
    • 1.7 Introduction of icons as a graphic element
    • 2.5.2 Positioning of additional logos with the Alberta signature
    • 3.1.3 Addition of the Franco-Alberta flag
    • Protocol for displaying flags
    • 4.2.1 Standardized layout for documents and reports
    • 4.3 Layout for Fact sheets
    • 4.4 Layout for FAQ sheets
    • 4.6.1 New design for PowerPoint presentations
    • 4.7 Signage: Capital project signs, building signs (interior and exterior)
    • 4.10 Simplified forms heading


  Corporate Identity At A Glance

  A two-page document with a brief overview of the changes to the Alberta corporate identity program. View the At A Glance pdf (Posted July 2012)

  The Emblems of Alberta

  The emblems of Alberta reflect the province's history, its natural and diverse landscapes, and its people. You may download and use these
  images from The Emblems of Alberta website.